Gamelan Encinal

An American Aluminum Gamelan Ensemble



Composer / performer Stephen Parris’s compositional work has ranged from the intersections between improvisation and composition, process composition, and contemporary approaches to gamelan.

In 2014, he formed Gamelan Encinal; a new music gamelan ensemble that focuses on contemporary works for just tuned gamelan instruments using Lou Harrison's tuning.

Recent recordings where Stephen can be heard as a gamelan musician include “Lou Harrison: Scenes From Cavafy” on New World Records, "Nourishment" by Gamelan Pacifica on Blind Stone Records, and “Arm Me” By Special O.P.S. on Monktail Records. As an improvising guitarist, he can be heard on "Sweet Figeater Surprise" by Figeater on Bunny Blasto Records, "Backdoor Draft" by Special O.P.S., and "Non Grata" by Non Grata along with a large number of other releases on Monktail Records.

Stephen currently continues his role as director of Gamelan Encinal; is a current performer with Sari Raras, and Pet The Tiger; and is a longstanding member of the Monktail Creative Music Concern.