Gamelan Encinal

An American Aluminum Gamelan Ensemble

A small setup for a show at the Turquoise Yantra Grotto in San Francisco

A small setup for a show at the Turquoise Yantra Grotto in San Francisco

Gamelan Encinal is an American aluminum gamelan ensemble founded by Stephen Parris in 2015. Their focus is on the performance of new works for their unique set of instruments, and the performance of past works for just tuned American gamelan. 

Gamelan is a word used to refer to particular types of percussion orchestras with roots in Indonesia. Encinal is the Spanish word for oak grove, and is what our home, Oakland CA. was formerly named. Our instruments frames are also made of oak.

The instruments used for the ensemble are inspired by central Javanese gamelans, and use the same tuning used by Lou Harrison and Bill Colvig for various gamelans they built. The instruments have been built over a number of years by Daniel Schmidt with the aid of Lydia Martin, Stephen Parris, and various students of Mills College.

Current members of the ensemble are Patrick Liddell, Kim Nucci, Stephen Parris, Matt Robidoux, Maria Siino, Daniel Schmidt, and Sophia Shen.

Previous and adjunct members include Alex Cohen, David Cummings, Tammy Duplantis, Erin Dougherty, Derek Drudge,Matt Fisherkeller, Brendan Glasson, Lydia Martin, Jon Myers, joel Nelson, David Samas, Izaak Schlossman, Breonna Taylor, and Nathan Wheeler