Gamelan Encinal

An American Aluminum Gamelan Ensemble

Instrument Build journal 5

The key cradle has been the most time consuming part of this build. It is a little system I developed so that every key can be arranged in any order within their boxes. There will be three boxes for keys on key cradles; holding the 9th to 16th partial, 17th to 24th partial, and 25th to 32nd partial. keys cradles from 17 through 32 will fit in either box.

The last journal entry dealt with the aluminum hangers for the key cradles. this one will deal with the base of the cradle. This is a simple wood frame where all elements converge. This is what holds the hangers and resonator for every key in place.

There were multiple sizes that needed to be cut, and multiple distances for hangers cut, as the keys naturally get smaller. we want the cradles to add as little space as possible to maximize playability of the instrument.

Entry 5.1 will deal with resonators, and include videos of tests for where resonators will change.